about Honest Honey

Honest Honey is produced by our bees from the flowers of gardens and fields in the Chilterns, Buckinghamshire, UK. Our beehives are located at sites in Amersham, Chenies, Jordans and Latimer. The Chilterns is designated an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

Why ‘Honest’ Honey? We strive to produce the most natural, wholesome product possible. Nothing is added and nothing altered.  The honey is simply extracted from the wax comb, filtered, settled and poured into jars.

Our honey is labelled based on the specific town or village from which it was sourced.

Honey contains traces of pollen and consuming local honey is believed to help with seasonal allergies, such as hay fever. Honey also has active anti-bacterial properties. The health benefits of honey were known to Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations.

We think it tastes great too!

As well as producing honey we also sell bees and offer crop pollination services.

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