Bees and beehives AmershamHonest Honey is looking to expand production and we’re interested in new sites for our bees. If you’d be interested in housing some bees and have a suitable area, which could be space in a garden or at the edge of a field, please get in touch at:  hello@honesthoney.uk

In return you’ll receive several jars of honey per hive, a ready supply of pollinators for your flowers or crops and the opportunity to get an insight into the fascinating world of the honey bee. We will supply the bees, the equipment and look after them.

An ideal site for us would be:

  • Within 20 minutes drive from Amersham.
  • Consist of an area of at least 25 square metres, which would be able to house between 5 and 10 hives.
  • Reasonably accessible from a place where a car could be parked.
  • In an area that is likely to have flowering plants & trees within a 1 mile radius during the main growing seasons, so that the bees have a source of pollen & nectar. Proximity to domestic gardens is usually ideal due to the diversity of plants which typically flower throughout the season.
  • A short distance from a water source, such as a stream or pond, as bees collect water to dilute honey supplies before they can consume them. They also use water to cool the hive in hot weather.
  • Not in an area where bees are likely to cause a nuisance to the public and ideally secluded from view to avoid the attentions of honey rustlers.
  • Fenced off from any livestock that could knock over hives.
  • In an area that is not liable to flooding or exposed to strong winds.

Bee colonies typically need to be inspected once a week during the swarming season of May to July, when regular access to the site is also required.

If in doubt about that suitability of an area, we’d be happy to talk to you and please note that our bees have always been well behaved!